Product advantage

The container flooring has the following characteristics:

1, The container floor of our factory uses imported hard wood as core plate, cloned wood as panel, and the growth cycle of the imported trees is over 50 years, the density is large, the compression performance is high, and the hardwood is the only wood used in the manufacture of the container wood floor.

2, Our factory container wooden floor uses imported hardwood and Burma clones, according to special requirements 474 structural group embryos, to ensure the stability of product quality. The core board is made up of 21 layers of veneers and two layers of cloned wood veneers bonded by adhesive. The thickness of the core slab is 34.5mm, which is precompressed and hot pressed to 28±0.5mm.

3, The average density of the products more than 800KG/ cubic meters, the national standard more than 750kg/ cubic meters, the product density of the bottom of the container is far greater than the national standard.

4, Static bending strength transverse 40MPA, longitudinal up to 100MPA, exceeding the national standard; horizontal 35MPA, longitudinal 85MPA requirements.

5, Production methods: core materials used in Africa, Southeast Asia tropical rain forest hardwood, face and floor using Burma clones. In strict accordance with advanced technology, high performance waterproof resin adhesive is used, special insect proof and preservatives approved by Australian AQIS are added, and the testing and certification of various indexes such as physical mechanical strength and preservative content have the characteristics of stable performance, high strength and large elastic modulus.

6, Production capacity: production scale of 100 thousand cubic meters per year, the production of container wood floor can fully meet the requirements of 20 feet, 40 feet, 45 feet, 48 feet, 53 feet and other common and special dry cargo containers.

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